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2008 Foals

NEW FOAL 08/04/08, Zarusa's colt "Dunkirk"

Zarusa's Filly Nursing 2 hours after birth Filly still wobbly Nap time

Dara "the new girl in the paddock"

Dara - Rarusa's new fily Dara - Rarusa's new filly

Dubai - Current Photos

Dubai - new shots Dubai - new shots

Dubai spring 2008

2008 Baby Dubai 2008 Baby Dubai 2008 Baby Dubai


2007 Foals

Pikina Field & Chicago 2007 Nolinde & Carmel 2007 Ulonja & Caloni

Rarusa & Carusa 2007



Win-A-Gin - July 23-26, 2008

Valera and Dey Valera & Dey Valera & Dey

Ulonja & Carrie Ulonja & Carrie Ulonja & Carrie

Zarusa & Carrie Zarusa & Carrie Zarusa & Carrie

Voyager July 2007 Lotte July 2007 Voyager 2007



Winfield Jump Winfield 2008 2nd Jump


Keuring 2007

Kuering Morning Changing jumps Wait in the Sun

Patiently Waiting Keeping Horses Calm Hard Surface

Hard Surface Mare and Foal Bart



Valiant Now named Hayden Valiant Jumping Valiant Jumping

This is Valiant. His new owner from Chicago named him Hayden. You can see the news on him in our Headlines on the Home page. He's doing very well in the shows.


Around the Farm

Rinse after Training Barn Shot What are you looking at?

Keping Flys Off

Fun with Photoshop for the next 3...

Eye of the Horse Red in Red Lookin Pretty Carrie Braiding Valera for the Show

Previously, on Claybrook Farms...

It's Only Water Kisses Saddle Up

Tastes Like Mint Tag Along Poser

Dane Showing off the New banner Stopped for a Pose Brr

If I have to Arena work Misbehavin' Foal

Cold Day Cold Day Frolicing

Coming In Coming In Delivery

Whomanta MMMMMM Watching Me

Tune in for more photos as the hay grows...


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