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Claybrook Farms Update-August 8,2017

We are working with four trainers in competing and marketing our horses. Two trainers are in the Northeast (Tricia Moss in Boston and Jassa Williams in New Hampshire), Kiersti Wylie in southern California and Taylor McMurty in Chicago.

Competition Horses:

Tricia and Jassa have a diverse collection of eight horses for sale or lease—hunter, equitation, eventing and jumpers. The horses range from 7 to 16 years old. All horses have show experience and range from 2-6, green or experienced hunters to 1.2-1.3 level jumpers that are still progressing up the levels. We will be shipping in some new horses in a few weeks that will include a couple more experienced lease horses and some new prospects.

Kiersti Wylie is helping us develop a presence in the southern California market. She competes in eventing, equitation and jumping. She has three of our horses: Chinaloma, Balera and Elinde.

Chiniloma is a consistent winner in the show jumper ring in the 1.1-1.2 classes at major shows.
Balera is competing well in equitation and jumper classes at major shows.
Elinde is just beginning her competition and training

Taylor McMurty is working with our high potential jumper horses. She just sold Florensina a beautiful, smart horse with great jumping technique. We will be moving additional horses to her this year.

Please check our horse sales page. We have an extensive list of top KWPN horses available. Some we bought as foals in the Netherlands at the top jumper foal sale (Starsale) with the guidance of VDL Stud. These are among the top filly jumper foals that were marketed. When they were judged by KWPN judges at Keurings, when the fillies were 3-4 years old the Dutch judges rated as top tier horses in North America, frequently rating them as Keur. They are consistent with the top quality of horses that Claybrook Farms produces. We breed very talented horses with good minds and temperaments.


Wizardry CBF 6th of 27th- at HITS Ocala 6 2015


Wizardry CBF 4th of 20th- at HITS Ocala 5 2015


Claybrook Farms Update-July 28, 2015

This has been an extreme year here at Claybrook Farms. Here are just a few updates on what's been happening here on the farm...

Competition Horses:

Aviator is being leased in Boston. His show record is quite impressive and he continues to do well in competition.
Elite is being showed and competed by Cory Hardy and his wife.
Endeavor is showing with Carl Catani from River Wind Farm.
Diesonnevanck "Die" is with Jennifer Blades at Willowbrooke. She is getting great show experience and is doing well in the hunter ring.
Chiniloma "Chin" started out as a jumper horse but as she progresses, it is looking like she will be a lovely equitation horse. She is with Jassa Williams in New Hampshire showing in the baby greens, three foot hunter classes, and jumper classes.
Balera is with Jassa Williams in New Hampshire and is on her way to becoming an amateur eq horse. Currently she is getting more experience in the hunter ring doing performance hunter classes, and winning the hacks.
Vakina is out in Boston and she is being leased. She proves to still be a very gentle and calm minded amateur horse. She does classes in the hunter and jumper ring.


Encore- Summer of 2015 he competed in the $100 Pre-Green hunters and placed in the top 3 over 40% of the classes. He won the $100 Pre-Green Hunter 3’ Championship at the USHJAM Welcome this year and was nominated and competed in the $1000 Pre Green Incentive Stake, placing 3rd.
Erusa- 2009 mare that was just recently sold to do eventing out in California.

12/11/14 Training Barn Fire:

After the barn fire in December, we were very fortunate to have resources that were willing to help us in terms of relocating some of our horses. First of all, Mares and Klaas Vanderploeg have helped us by allowing us to keep nine horses at their place as well as use the indoor arena for training. They are just about five miles away, and that has been very helpful in continuing to get horses ready to go other trainers for lease or sale.

Secondly, there were multiple trainers who graciously took in some of our horses and began working on giving them show experience and then selling/leasing them. Jennifer Blades at Willowbrooke Farm in Ann Arbor has Diesonnevanck and Easy. Jassa Williams in New Hampshire has Chin and Balera. Tricia Moss in Boston has Aviator and….. Greg Crolick took in and sold Encore, and Brandt Clark in Michigan took Cirocco and Dileva for some extra training. This has allowed us to have more room in the barn that is still standing and also, most of these horses were in an older age group. Therefore, Claybrook has been able to start working more with the younger stock and hopefully soon, we will be sending more horses to these trainers! We greatly appreciate their help and hope to keep doing business with them.

Since we used our FaceBook page to relay the news about the fire, here is the original post...

"THANK YOU! We’d like to thank our quick thinking staff for getting the horses out last night before the fire consumed our training facility and equipment barn. Although there were a few employees seen for smoke inhalation, everyone and the horses are alive and well. We want to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the fire, rescue and emergency personnel who arrived quickly to keep the fire contained and who orchestrated the scene. We are humbled by the outpouring of support from friends, neighbors, and our community. We appreciate your offers and well wishes. We are very grateful this wasn’t any worse. We are currently exploring options for another location to continue our training until we can rebuild."

Claybrook has a few different age groups at the Vanderploegs in training. There are a couple 6 year olds: Ersina, Elinde, a group of 5 year olds: Fairhope, Florensina, Fanfare, Fede, Famorka, And Zoe. She is older and working on getting back into shape before she goes back out to Boston for lease.

2014 Keuring News:

Last years’ Keuring held at our farm in September was very successful. There were three 4 year old mares that earned their star eligibility and two the also earned keur eligibility. Frodea (Indorado x Corland) and Florensina (Chello III VDL x Emillion) passed their jumping IBOP test, and Jenakina CBF was awarded first premium as a jumper foal. Unfortunately, we are sad to report that Jenakina had an accident in June and had to be put down. We greatly regret her loss as she was a very athletic and also sweet filly. Due to the loss of our indoor arena and training barn, we will not host a Keuring this year.

Other News:

The G girls are up and coming riding horses. They are not yet in full time work, but they have been broken and ridden under saddle as well as competed in the 2014 Keuring doing the jump chute for the studbook grading. Three of these four year olds earned a star rating: Gwen, Gersinaa, and Gerlina. Gwen earned 80 points for jumping, and 75 point for conformation, as well as a keur eligibility. Gersinaa also earned keur eligibility. In total, there are six four year old mares: Gwen, Gersinaa, Gavanta, Gikina, Gerdina, and Gerlina. Although not all of them competed in the keuring, all of them are very nice tempered and easy going mares. We are excited to get them into work and start showing as we believe they will make great competition horses.


Enjoy Footage of Endeavor CBF ridden by Greg Crolick at Ocala HITS show in March-July 24, 2015


Claybrook Farm Keuring Location Information—July 9, 2014

The KWPN-NA Claybrook Farms Keuring will be held on Sunday, September 7, 2014. For the convenience of those attending here is a link to the hotel/motel locations near us.

Registration is due by Friday, July 11, 2014, or with 50% penalty by Tuesday, July 29, 2014. You can go here to get the Keuring Booklet for 2014.

As soon as we have the final entrants list from the KWPN we will email everyone the brochure for the CBF Keuring. Please be sure to use a current email address when you register for the Keuring so you don't miss our brochure. The brochure will include stall reservations, information about our location, and other important information. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing you this fall.




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