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Claybrook Farms Ranks Among the Top 50 Jumper Horse Breeders—December 28, 2010
Despite competing only four horses (Aviator, Arusa, Wolfgang and Whomanta) in Young Jumper Championship classes and a few speed classes, the CBF horses performed well. Aaron Vale guided Aviator to the top 15 of the East Coast Five Year-old Finals. With respect to the Zone 5 YJC standings, Aviator, Arusa and Wolfgang all placed in the top 10 of the final rankings for the zone in their age groups.

We expect to have a larger number competing next year and our plan is to continue moving up the ranks of US breeders. We should have twice as many horses competing in the young jumper classes in 2011: 2-3 five year olds, a couple of six year olds and 4-5 seven/eight year olds competing in the YJC classes.

We are in the process of hiring a couple of very experienced trainers who can prepare and compete horses in the Midwest while we plan to continue our national jumper relationship with Aaron Vale in Florida.

We also plan to expand our hunter/equitation presence. Upstart and Wizardry represented CBF this year. Upstart and his rider went to the Equitation Finals in Syracuse this year. Both Wizardry and Upstart were at the Pennsylvania National Horse show competing in equitation classes.

This fall we developed a relationship with Nada Wise of Houston to compete and market horses in the Texas market. She focuses on jumpers, equitation and hunters.

We are looking for a high quality barn in the Northeast area (e.g., NY, NJ, MA) to compete and market our equitation horses. If you know of barn that might fit our profile, please contact us.


CBF hosted a small, but very high quality KWPN Keuring--September 3, 2010

Thirteen horses were shown, primarily from Michigan, with three horses rated among the Top Fives in North America, and five rated first premium.

Foals—Two dressage foals were shown and both rated first premiums. No jumper foals were shown. The dressage foal site champion was: Feikje Balia P. (Contango x Flemmingh), owned by Mares and Klaas vander Ploeg. The second place foal was Foppiano (Rousseau x Idocus) owned by Susan Thome.

Yearlings—Two dressage yearlings were shown with one rated first premium and Reserve Champion of North America. Elemena (UB 40 x Flemmingh) owned by Cindy Johnson was rated first premium and rated second in the top five yearlings in the North America.

Jumper Mares—Two mares achieved Ster status and ranked among the Top Five 3-7 year old Jumper Mares in North America. Chiki (Chin-Chin x Lupicor) and Classica VDL (Douglas x Quite Easy) both owned by Claybrook Farms achieved Ster. Both mares made the Top Five List of 3-7 year old Jumper Mares with, Chiki was ranked as Reserve Champion in North America and Classica tied for fifth place.

We thank all of the Midwest breeders who attended and presented horses. We look forward to seeing you next year. Hopefully, the economy will improve as will the breeding activity.


Aviator CBF Places 12th in the East Coast Young Jumper Finals for 5 year olds—September 4th, 2010

Aaron Vale rode Aviator CBF through three rounds of the East Coast Finals at the Hampton Classic in New York. Aviator was the third highest placing American bred 5 year old. This caps a spectacular first jumping season for Aviator CBF who had not jumped competitively until Aaron Vale took him to the Ocala Hits this Spring. Aaron had a great Young Jumper Finals. His horses placed 1st and 2nd in the 7&8 year old and 2nd in the 6 year olds.


Upstart finds great success in equitation --July & August 2010

A young woman leased and rode Upstart in four shows in Massachusetts and Vermont. In three shows she won each show and qualified for Medals. She competed in the Massachusetts Hunter Jumper finals where she won the Medals finals. She scored 87 in round I, a 90 in round II, won the Finals with an 88. She has created a great video and allowed us to use it on our website. It’s great to see our horses so comfortably doing their jobs.


Wolfgang Wins $5,000 Open Speed Jumper Class at Roanoke Valley Horse Show-June 2010

Aaron Vale rode Wolf in five classes and placed in three of the five classes. Wolf and Aaron placed first in the Open Speed class of eleven horses of all ages. They placed 2nd in a 1.3 meter jumper and 7th in the $5,000 Rising Start Jumper Classic against 11 entries. Aviator CBF and Aaron placed in three classes, winning and placing 8th in two classes of 1.15 meter, 4th in 5 year old YJC .


Wolfgang Wins 7 & 8 Year Old YJC class at Culpeper HITS Showday National-July 2010

Mallory Vale rode Wolf to a win in one class of 7&8 year old young jumpers, and Aaron rode Wolf to a 5th place.


Wolf Becomes Champion of 7/8 Young Jumpers at Upperville, VA Colt & Horse Show—June 2010

Aaron Vale rode Wolf in three classes of YJC 7/8 year old and placed 1st twice and 3rd once, including placing 1st in the qualifying class. The classes included as many as 10 horses, and competitors such as Joe Fargis and Tracy Magness.

Aviator competed in three classes of YJC 5 year old and placed 3rd twice and 6th once. Upstart also competed at the 1.2 meters level, where he placed first in the class that he entered and placed 1st in the schooling jumpers division.


A Thank You—June 2010

We just wanted to thank our neighbor for taking the latest picture added to our rotating picture header. It was taken at sunset on her walk one night this month. Thank you for sharing it with us! We've also added the full shot in our Around The Barn shots.


Report for Claybrook Farms from 2009's Keuring—June 2010

Upon reviewing the cut off date for this years Keuring sign up, with out penalty (which is July 9th), and the cut off date for late entries (which is July 21st with a 50% penalty) I came across the report from the Jury for 2009's Keuring. I realized we had not posted that last year, so I thought I'd put the link in for it so you can view it. Please note we are not scheduled for the Seminar this year. Maybe we'll be able to host it again next year. Thank you to all who came.


Find us on Facebook, YouTube and Myspace—June 2010

Just a few more ways to keep up to date with us. We are always looking for new friends to meet. You can friend us at the following websites (clicking on the links will take you there, and if not you can highlight them and copy and paste into your browser)

Facebook --

YouTube --

MySpace --


Aviator Places in Top 3 in all Three of the 5 YO Young Jumper Classes at Kentucky Spring Horse Show and the Kentucky Spring Classic—May 2010

Aaron Vale rode Aviator in six classes of YJC 5 year old and placed 1st, 3rd twice, 4th, 6th and 7th with 6-8 horses competing and ridden by some of the best riders in the country—Pablo Barrios, Kent Farrington, David Beisel, Scott Lenkart.

Wolf competed in six large classes (16-33 horses) of YJC 7 & 8 year. Wolf placed 2nd once, but outside the ribbons in the other classes. The horses in these classes were ridden by top riders such as: Kent Farrington, Eliza Shuford, Wim Jannsen, Margie Engle, Pablo Barrios, Candice King.


Leslie Cradock Takes Two Dressage Horses, Ambassador (Aaron) and Zazu, to Charleston, South Carolina—May 2010

Leslie Cradock, owner of Indigo Stables near Charleston, visited Claybrook Farms in April with her mother and a client. She was in Michigan running a Dressage clinic and helping her client find a horse. She tried a couple of our horses and wanted to take some back to the South Carolina market, despite having found another horse for her client in the Detroit area. We look forward to a continued relationship with Leslie.


2010 Keuring Date Set –April 6, 2010

The 2010 Keuring Tour schedule has just been posted. We are scheduled to host the Keuring on Labor Day, Monday, September 6, 2010. For anyone that is coming this year please make your reservations as soon as possible. Last year there was a local car show and we were unable to block any rooms at the Comfortible Inn for our weekend. We are unable to block rooms this far in advance, so we do not want anyone to miss out on making a reservation this year, since it falls on a Holiday Weekend. If you know you are coming please make your reservation. Once again you will be able to check in the night before the Keuring, if you are trying to figure out your hotel arrangements.

Here is a list of some hotels and motels we have used in the past and some that are in the area that we know of. Your comfort levels may vary so please feel free to research the area for any other hotels. Living in a rural community we are limited on the selection and closeness of hotels.

Alma Comfortable Inn
3110 W. Monroe Road
Alma, MI 48801
(989) 463-4400

Alma Motel
1575 Wright Avenue
Alma, MI 48801
1-800-949- 2562

Ithaca Motel
820 E Center Street
Ithaca, MI 48847
(989) 875-4321

Super 8 Motel
2323 South Mission Street
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
(989) 773-8888

Hampton Inn
5205 East Pickard Road
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
(989) 772-5500

Sleep Inn
1101 Commerce Park Dr.
DeWitt, MI 48820
(517) 669-8823

Hampton Inn
2500 Coolidge Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 324-2072

Holiday Inn Express
2924 WEST RD.
1 877 856 7815

Courtyard by Marriott
2710 Lake Lansing Road
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 482-0500

Rest assured this notice does not replace our brochure. All stall reservations and details will be emailed approximately the first week of August, after we have received the entrant list from the KWPN office. The brochure will be sent through the US Post Office to those who do not have a good email address when signing up for the Keuring through the KWPN.


Voyager, Zazu, Aaron (Ambassador), and Avon Accompanied Dey Goodman to the University of Findlay Spring Open Dressage Show on March 14th—March 2010

It was a hectic day for Dey Goodman and Darcy Workman as all four horses competed in two classes as a warm-up for the 2010 season. For the five year old horses (Aaron and Avon), this was their first time away from home. For all the horses this was a good show. For the young horses this was a demanding day. For Dey and Darcy it was a long day—Dey rode 8 horses and Darcy groomed 8 horses.

Voyager competed in the Third Level Test 3 and the Fourth Level Test 1. He scored at 61.6 and 59.3, with consistent 7’s on gaits, but 5’s on impulsion and submission.

Zazu competed in two Second Level tests—Test 1 & 2. He scored 64.7 and 60, and received a 7 & 8 on gaits and 6’s on impulsion and submission.

In his very first show and first time away from home, Aaron (Ambassador) competed in Training Level Test 3 and First Level Test 1. He received a 70.4 and 73.0 respectively. He received 9’s on gaits, 6’s & 7’s on impulsion and submission.

Similar to Aaron, this was Avon’s first time away from the farm. He scored a 69.1 in Training Level Test 1 72.9 in Training Level Test 2. The judge rated his: gaits at 8 and 9, impulsion at 7, and submission at 5.


Whomanta, Wolf, Wiz and Aviator Thrive at three Ocala HITS shows in February and March—March 2010
Aaron Vale and Colin Quinlan rode Wolfgang CBF in seven classes ranging from Low Junior Jumper to Young Jumper 7 & 8 year old. Wolf consistently placed in the ribbons except for one class, where he placed eleventh in a class of 41. In the higher classes, levels 7 and YJC 7&8 wolf placed 2nd and 4th.

Whomanta B competed in eight classes, with seven of the classes being YJC 7&8. Aaron Vale consistently placed her in the ribbons in all of the classes.

Wizardy CBF was ridden by younger riders, Camilla Cook and Emily Van der Walde, in five classes ranging from: Level 2, Medals and Equitation 16-17. He placed no lower than 5th in classes as large as 42.

Aviator CBF quickly moved from Level 2 to YJC 5 year old. The Level 2 & 3 classes were large classes with over 60 competitors. He placed 3rd and 6th. In YJC 5 year olds, Aaron rode Aviator to 2nd place, and exclaimed, “it was no surprise.”

Whomanta, Wiz and Arusa Do Well at HITS Ocala Winter Classic—February 9-14, 2010
Britiani Brown, who rides for Aaron Vale, rode Whomanta B to third place in Seven & Eight Year old Young Jumpers. She competed against 14 horses in her very first level seven event. Earlier in the week, Britiani rode Whomanta B to 6th place in Level 5 (28 competitors). Aaron Vale rode Whomanta to 6th place in Level 3 (118 competitors). Whomanta is a careful jumper and seems to do better when challenged with higher jumps. Britiani also rode Wizardry CBF in two events Level 2 (55 competitors) and Level 3 (69 competitors). He placed 8th and 7th in two very large classes. Arusa CBF competed in her first show with Britiani aboard and placed 8th in a class of 25 horses.

Claybrook Farms Do Well at First HITS Show in Ocala-- January 2010
Aaron Vale rode Wolfgang to Champion of Level 5 Jumpers and placed third in Level 6 Jumpers. Aaron plans to move Wolf up to Level 7 in his next show. In Level 4, Aaron rode Whomanta to 8th place in a large class of 44 horses. Aaron was very pleased with the rapid progress of the horses. Aviator and Arusa are awaiting their debut in the Ocala competitions.

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