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Mallory and Aaron Vale Visited Claybrook Farms and Took Home Four Horses-- November 2009
We were delighted to have as our guests Mallory and Aaron Vale in mid November. They had an opportunity to see Michigan in the winter without snow. Aaron rode four of our horses and chose to ship those four horses (Wolfgang, Whomanta, Aviator and Arusa) to Ocala for the Vales to train, compete and market. We look forward to visiting the Vales and the horses in January when we visit Ocala.


About 30 horses from across the Midwest were presented at the CBF Keuring—September 19, 2009

First Premiums, Site Champions, Ster and Keur

Foals—Three dressage and three jumper foals were rated as first premiums. The foal site champions were:
• Dressage foal: Eragon (Wamberto x Welt Hit II), bred by Ada van de Kolk.
• Jumper foal: Encore CBF (Indoctro x Pikina Field by Corland) bred by Claybrook Farms.

Keur Mares—Two mares achieved Keur status.
Dressage Mare: Zomica W (Ferro x Monica by Havidoff) owned by Sue Thome and bred by H.A Heijmerink
Jumper Mare: Akina Field CBF (Goodtimes x Pikina Field x Corland) owned and bred by Claybrook Farms

Seven horses ranked in the Top Fives across North America.
Jumper Foals: First place went to Encore CBF (Indoctro x Pikina Field by Corland) owned and bred by Claybrook Farms
Dressage Yearlings: Second place went to Dolce Vita (Sir Sinclair x Mystic by Consul) owned and bred by Carousel Farm
Dressage Geldings: First place went to Armani (Special-D x Olivia by Idocus)—owned and bred by Lana Sneddon of Stonecrest Farm

DG Bar Cup
• Four year old—DG Bar Cup: First place went to Armani (Special-D x Olivia by Idocus)—owned and bred by Lana Sneddon of Stonecrest Farm
• Five Year old—DG Bar Cup: Tied for third place was Zomica W (Ferro x Monica by Havidoff) owned by Sue Thome and bred by H.A Heijmerink

Iron Spring Cup
Four year old—ISF Cup:
• Second place went to Akina Field CBF (Goodtimes x Pikina Field x Corland) owned and bred by Claybrook Farms
• Fourth place went to Ahme P (Ahorn x Rumpole Prima by Ferro) Owned by Sakura Hill bred by Prima Equestrian


Winfield CBF purchased by Don Stewart Stables -- October 2009
We are pleased to announce that Don Stewart Stables of Ocala, Florida, one of the countries leading hunter/jumper barn, purchased Winfield CBF. Don sells 140-160 horses a year and has 60-70 horses showing at any one time. Don is a former top hunter rider and has been an active member and officer in the US Hunter Jumper Association. We greatly appreciate the contribution that Aaron Vale and his team made to the training and show experience of Winfield CBF. We look forward to future opportunities to work with Aaron.


Valera CBF purchased by a teen in Texas -- October 2009
Valera CBF is going to be ridden in the hunter rings by Catherine Horton in the upcoming shows. Valera had a lot of followings on our videos, so we are happy to see her in a new home this fall. We see great things in Valera's future in the hunter ring.


Winfield CBF’s very successful summer as a hunter and equitation horse—October 5, 2009
Winfield competed with Aaron Vale in Ocala, FL during February and March in primarily Level 2 to Level 4 Jumper classes. Winfied was entered in 15 classes and placed in the ribbons four times in classes ranging from 40-122 entrants. In May and June, he competed in hunter and equitation classes in North Florida and Atlanta with a variety of riders. He competed in 35 classes and placed in the ribbons 18 times.

In late June at the North Carolina HJA Annual, he competed in ten classes and placed in the ribbons in seven times, again with a variety of riders. In early July Winfield moved on to Virgina’s Showday National and Cavalier Classic, where he competed in 18 classes and placed in the ribbons eleven times. From late July to present he has competed in 32 classes and placed in the ribbons 19 times, with four different riders.


Wizardry CBF’s busy competition season as a jumper, equitation and hunter horse—October 5, 2009
Wiz competed with Aaron Vale in Ocala, FL during February and March in primarily Level 6 and YJC Six Year Old classes. He was entered in 18 classes and placed 1st or 2nd five times. In June and early July Aaron showed Wiz in Kentucky in eight Level 6 or YJC Six Year Old classes. Wiz placed 1st or 2nd in three of six classes.

In mid July, Aaron moved Wiz to competing in the Hunter and Medals classes, where he placed as high as 3rd in large classes of 25-65.

In early August, Wiz competed in 15 Hunter and Medal classes at the Winston National in Virgina with Eliza Hay, where he continued his good performance by placing as high as 3rd.

In late August, Wiz competed in the North Florida Labor Day show for Hasbrouck Donaovan and Juliann Fischer in eight Children’s jumper classes and Hunter medal classes, where twice he placed as high as 2nd.


Four young CBF Jumpers Performed Well at University of Findlay Mini-Prix - September 25th and 26th, 2009
Zarusa, Whomanta B, Wolf and Ulonja “Loni” went with our trainers, Darcy Workman and Dey Goodman, to Findlay, Ohio. The horses competed in two events over the two days. On Friday, Darcy rode Zarusa to first place in an optimum-time event, in a field of 25 horses. On Sunday, Dey and Darcy placed three (Whomanta, Wolf, and Zarusa) of the four horses in the top ten of a thirty horse field. For Zarusa and Loni, this was their first jumper show. Loni has been to numerous dressage shows and placed very high in her dressage classes. At this show Loni, knocked down a rail in the last combination and did not make the jump-off. Otherwise, she performed superbly. Darcy and Dey showed the young horses very well.


KWPN Linear Scoring Seminar at Claybrook Farms—September 18, 2009
Claybrook Farms hosted a one-day instructional clinic on the use of the KWPN linear scoring methodology. The judging team, that would conduct the Keuring inspection the next day, conducted the clinic. About 30 people attended from across the Midwest, including students from the University of Findlay’s equine program.

The instruction included a morning session that explained the history of the KWPN breed and the linear scoring. The afternoon session involved the practical application of scoring on both dressage and jumper horses ranging from foals through mature horses. The judges answered many questions and highlighted the importance of experience in using the linear scoring methodology. They judges also described how all the judges are calibrated and retrained each year based on new developments in the breed.

The linear scoring methods consists of examining about 30 attributes of dressage and jumper horses and identifying how each horse diverges from the norm on each attribute. These attribute scores provide guidance, but not a formulaic method for developing the overall score for the horse. The KWPN has one of the most extensive and consistent judging methods and databases of any studbook. This is a key ingredient to guiding the breeders in creating more athletic and durable horses.


Three CBF Young Horses Gain Big Show Experience at Horse Shows By the Bay—Series I & III—July 26, 2009
Brian Shook, Grand Prix jumper rider from Fenton, rode Wolfgang CBF in four classes of 5/6 Year old Young Jumper, placing as high as 2nd. He placed in the money in all four classes.

Dey Goodman showed Whomanta B in five 1.07 meter classes, with large groups of horses (30-60 entrants). She very capably jumped clear rounds for Dey; a few times there were some time faults. All clear rounds were awarded with blue ribbons. We know that Whomanta is very capable of jumping Level 5 and 6, but wanted to give Dey some big show jumping experience.

Kari Pihl rode Upstart CBF in ten Intermediate Child/Adult Hunter classes. All the classes had in 18-26 entries. Despite their not placing in the ribbons, they did have a good experience in the hunter classes. This was a first for both Kari and Upstart. Last year at this show, Upstart competed in Level 5 and 6 jumpers and was reserve champion in Level 5.


Claybrook Farms is happy to have the opportunity to hold the KWPN Judging Seminar on Friday, September 18, 2009. We feel this seminar will be very beneficial, however, we still need more participants to sign up before the date is locked at this location. We have been informed by the KWPN that this seminar is open to the following…
- Anyone who wants to be more informed on the judging process of the Keuring.
- Anyone who is a non-member.
- Any member who is signed up for the Keuring.
- Any member who is not signed up for the Keuring this year, but is thinking about future Keurings.

If you want to attend the Judging Seminar at our location and would like to sign up please so do so ASAP. If you do not know how to sign up please feel free to email Susan or myself at or We’ll be happy to email you the details to do so.


Wizardry CBF with Aaron Vale at Country Heir I & II in Lexington—June 3-14, 2009
Wiz and Aaron placed 1st or 2nd in 3 classes of the 6 year old Young Jumper Championship series at Country Heir I & II. His Country Heir performance should move Wiz well up the qualifying list for the YJC finals. Aaron and Wiz will be competing again in July at Lexington.


Dey Goodman rode four CBF young horses to very successful tests at The Dressage at Waterloo—Spring Classic I & II—6-8-09
Dey Goodman, who has been with us just over a year, experienced a very busy three days, but a very successful show.

In her first major show, Dey rode Ulonja to Champion of the First Level-Open. Over the three days, Dey and Ulonja consistently placed at the top of their First Level test with four 1st’s and one 3rd place finish. Her scores ranged from 67.8 to 72.3.

With an amazing calmness and willingness to work for Dey, Zandola worked her way to Reserve Champion of the Training Level. She competed in three Training Level tests and two First Level tests, with scores ranging from 64.0 to 67.7.

Voyager & Dey competed in three Second level classes. His scores ranged from 58.14 to 66.14. Voyager’s lowest score resulted from a major disturbance in the practice arena that caused Voyager to lose focus in his competition. We realize that Dey Goodman can only work so many miracles in a day.

Zazu & Dey competed in three First Level Tests and one Second Level Test. His scores ranged from 56.76 to 66.58. He had two scores at the First Level that were sufficient for his qualifying for regionals. We see lots of potential for Zazu as he moves on to Second Level.


In muddy conditions CBF Horses Scored Well at HJAM (Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan) Welcome—May 5-10, 2009
In his first Hunter Jumper show with CBF Dey Goodman performed admirably. He rode four CBF horses—Valera, Whomanta, Upstart and Wolfgang—to eight ribbons in two days. In her first hunter-jumper show, Valera placed 3rd and 5th in a non-thoroughbred hunter class. Whomanta scored two 1sts in a .91 meter jumper class with about 20 horses competing. While Upstart scored two 2nds in the same .91 class as Whomanta. When Whomanta moved up to 1.00 meter, she scored a 7th place. Wolf went around well, but knocked down a few rails at 1.00 meters and finished in 9th place.


Wizardry and Winfield are Thriving in Ocala at the HITS with Aaron Vale—-3/13/09
Since January, Wiz competed in eleven classes of the 6 year old Young Jumper Championship series while ridden by Aaron Vale. Wiz placed no lower than 7th, won two, placed second in two, and placed in the top seven in all the rest of the classes. Aaron is very pleased with Wiz’s progress.

Winfield has not been as busy; he competed at level 3 and 4 in four classes. All the classes were very large with 60 or more horses. In three classes he placed third, and one he placed fifth.


Brian Shook has agreed to work with CBF on training its young horses—1/26/09
Starting this week, Brian will be spending 1-2 days a month helping to train CBF horses and trainers. We are grateful to Brian for making time in his schedule. We know that our 5-7 year old horses can benefit greatly from his experience and training methods. He will also be helping us with our competition strategy for 2009.


Susan, Dey and Waino spend a few days with Aaron Vale in Ocala, Florida—1/25/09
Susan and Waino, along with Dey Goodman our trainer, spent three days observing Aaron’s training methods and the progress of Winfield CBF and Wizardry CBF. We observed Aaron’s methods for conditioning young horses and the gymnastics used to sharpen jumping skills. We hope that we can effectively apply some of these methods for better preparing our horses for higher-level competition. Aaron has high expectations for Wizardry and Winfield in the 6 year old Young Jumper Championships.



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