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Susan and Waino spend a day with David Beisel in Cincinnati—12/11/08
Susan and Waino spent a day with David, observing his training methods for young horses. David Beisel rode two of CBF’s horses, at the Horse Show By the Bay this past August, to 1st place finishes. We gained insights on how to better prepare our young horses for this year’s competitive season. We look forward to working with David in 2009’s competition season.


Midwest KWPN breeders & owners presented a truly spectacular group of horses on the 2008 Keuring tour held at Claybrook Farms (9/6/08)
The judging team inspected 30 horses presented by breeders and owners traveling from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. Besides the inspection there were competitions for the DG Bar Cup (Dressage) and Iron Spring Cup (Jumper). The Claybrook Farms Keuring yielded twelve horses that ranked among the top five across North America in 14 classes:

• 2nd place in Top Five of Jumper Foal—Dara CBF
(Corland x Indoctro) bred & owned by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.
• 1st place in Top Five of 3-7 year old jumper mare—Zhin Zhin Balia SHB
(Chin Chin x Bruggraaf) owned by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg.
• 3rd place and Keur eligible in Top Five of 3-7 year old jumper mare—Akina Field CBF
(Goodtimes x Corland) bred & owned by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.
• 5th place in Top Five of 3-7 year old dressage mare IBOP—Zebalia SHB
(Flemmingh x Nimmerdor) owned by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg.
• 1st place and Keur in Top Five of 3-7 year old jumper mare IBOP—Zorusa CBF (Indoctro x Corland) owned and bred by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.
• 1st place in DG Bar Cup for Three Year Olds—Armani
(Special-D x Idocus) owned and bred by Lana Sneddon.
• 3rd place in DG Bar Cup for Three Year Olds—Ambassador CBF
(Contango x Coriander) owned and bred by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.
• 3rd place in DG Bar Cup for Four Year Olds—Zebalia SHB
(Flemmingh x Nimmerdor) owned by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg.
• 1st place in ISF Cup for 4 year old jumpers—Zorusa CBF
(Indoctro x Corland) owned and bred by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.
• 4th place in ISF for 4 year old jumpers—Ammeretto
(Numero-Uno x Goodtimes) owned by Equine Holdings.
• 1st place in ISF Cup for 5 year old jumpers—Whomantha B
(Silverstone x Indoctro) owned by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.
• 2nd place Iron Spring Cup for 5 Year Olds—Wolfgang
(Neptune x Indoctro) owned and bred by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms.

In addition, the dressage foal class of seven foals produced six first premium foals and one second premium. Both jumper foals presented were first premiums. Of the five mares presented for Ster evaluation (dressage, jumper or hunter) three were rated Ster.

We congratulate all the breeders and owners that attended. The quality outlook for the Midwest KWPN breeders and owners is exceptional. We also thank them for making the long trip to Ithaca, Michigan and look forward to seeing them next year.


Aaron Vale rode two CBF Young Jumpers to 1st and 2nd place in two Level 5 (4’-0”) events at Kentucky Summer Horse Show in Lexington—8-2-08
In their second major show with Aaron, Winfield CBF and Wizardry CBF led the field in Five Year Old Young Jumper Championship and the preliminary event preceding. In the final event, Wizardry placed 1st followed by Winfield in second. In the preliminary, Winfield placed 1st followed by Wizardry in 2nd.

A week before the show Aaron reported that he felt the horses made great progress in their training. He felt that they were well prepared for the challenging Five Year Old YJC courses at Lexington. We are very, very pleased with Aaron’s progress and success with our horses.


David Beisel & Carrie Wilson rode three CBF Young Jumpers to very successful rounds at the Horse Show by the Bay in Traverse City—8-1-08
In the three days of being ridden by David Beisel, Upstart became reserve champion of Level 5. Upstart scored a 1st, 4th and 5th in Level 5. He also placed 5th in his 1st Level 6 event. David also rode Wolfgang to a couple of clear rounds. Wolf was first in a field of 20 horses for level 4. Wolf placed 3rd and had two, 5th places in the 5 year old YJC preliminary and qualifying rounds. He placed 1st in a Level 4 class.

David made excellent progress with both Upstart and Wolfgang.

Meanwhile, Carrie Wilson rode Whomanta to two clear rounds and blue ribbons at Level 3. Whomanta and Carrie also completed a clear at Level 4 round on Friday, one of six, of the 20+ horses in the class to go clean for a blue ribbon. Whomanta continues her steady performance and demonstrates her ability to move up to higher Levels.


Carrie Wilson & Dey Goodman rode three CBF young horses to very successful tests at Win-a-gin’s schooling show—7-26-08
In their two days of competing at their first show, Ulonja, Valera and Zarusa performed very well. Ulonja competed in First Level tests and scored in mid 60’s and consistently placed second in her classes. Valera competed in the same classes as Ulonja and scored in the mid to high 50’s and placed fifth in her class. Zarusa competed at the Training level and scored in the mid 60’s. She placed second or third in her classes.

All of these horses have strong jumping potential, but have demonstrated their good gaits and their excellent dressage training provided by Carrie and Dey.


New Photos Added -- 07-30-08
I've been updating the Around the Barn page with new Training, Competition, and Around the Barn photos. Please check the right side of this page for updated shots as well. I will continue to update these photos as they come in. We've had a very busy spring and July is the show month for us. Please check back again in a couple days as I'll be adding new footage of videos and more pictures as well as an update on the show results, as they are turned in. Thanks for visiting!


Two CBF Young Jumpers Perform Well with Aaron Vale at Country Heir in Lexington—6-11 through 6-19
Aaron expressed delight with progress of Winfield CBF and Wizardry CBF and their results at Lexington a top rated show. Many leading riders (e.g. Candace King, David Beisel, Brian Shook, Eliza Shuford) competed from as far away as Florida , Texas and the East Coast. Susan, Waino, Kari and Dane attended and watched Aaron ride almost twenty horses each of the two days that they attended. He was a delight to watch. Aaron demonstrates a keen understanding of his horses’ capabilities.
Winfield CBF competed at Level 4, in High Jumper Schooling, where he competed in a half dozen events. He jumped clear rounds except for one, when a bird flying near the jump distracted him. Winfield CBF shows great potential, and Aaron is preparing him for the Young Jumper Championship level. Winfield already has one clear qualifying round for YJC, and needs two more.
Despite Wizardy CBF competing at Level 3 Medium Schooling Jumpers, he has made remarkable progress according to Aaron. He has jumped many clear rounds and is on the verge of moving up to Level 4. Aaron believes that Wizardry CBF is also very likely to qualify for YJC this year.


Two Claybrook Farms Young Dressage Horses Are Champions at Waterloo Spring Classic--06/06 to 06/08/08
Carrie Wilson took three dressage horses (Zazu, Zandola and Voyager) to the Waterloo Hunt Club for some show experience. This was the first show for Zazu and Zandola. Zazu and Zandola entered five events.
Zazu won three of the five Training level events and was named Champion of the show for the Training level. His scores were: 75, 71, 70, 67 and 66. He received mostly 8’s on his gaits. He received comments such as: “beautiful, elastic test; “relaxed and obedient;” “a lovely horse, with great potential.”
Zandola, who was entered in the same events as Zazu, placed second twice and third once. She received scores of: 72, 67, 66, 62 and 61. She received 7’s and 8’s on her gaits. Zandola received great comments: “fluid movement;” “big moving mare, but needs better balance;” “very elastic horse.”
Voyager, our six year old, focused on Second Level tests and became Champion of the Second Level. In the five events that he entered, all of his scores were above 67. He frequently received 8’s on his gaits. In most events he placed first. Based on his strong showing in the regional qualifier events, he qualified for the regional finals.

Video footage for this show on each horse is currently being processed for our youtube channel. Please check back for those postings.


Aaron Vale purchases Winfield and wants to train Wizardry-05/19/08
Winfield and Wizardry were shipped to Aaron Vale’s farm in Ocala on May 19. Aaron believes that Winfield has great potential as top-level jumper or equitation horse. Similarly, Aaron wants to work with Wizardry to accelerate Wiz’s development and assess his potential for a top-level jumper or equitation horse. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to team with and learn from Aaron. We look forward to future opportunities and his visits to our farm.


Claybrook Farm’s Young Horses Make a Strong Showing at Detroit Equestrian Club’s "A" rated show-04/24/08 & 04/25/08
Carrie Wilson took four horses (Upstart, Winfield, Wolfgang and Whomanta) to Detroit for some show experience. The horses demonstrated that their winter and spring training time was well spent.
Wolfgang had two clear rounds in the two events he competed. He was clear for the jump-off rounds of both events. He placed first and second on this four-foot jump course.
Upstart edged out Wolfgang for first place on the second day on the four-foot course, after he placed fifth on the first day with four faults.
Winfield had first day issues on the four-foot course, where he was competing with two other barn mates. There was very limited time to warm up Winfield, given his competing with two barn mates and three other horses. The second day he was moved down to the 3-9 course and completed a clear round and clear jump-off to place second of six horses.
Whomanta had a double clear round the first day at 3-3, but jumped one of the jump-off jumps from the wrong direction and placed third. The second day, she moved up to 3-6 and nudged down one rail for four faults. She finished third, but showed great poise for a horse going to her first show.


Aaron Vale visits Claybrook Farms to observe the progress of our young horses—4/29/08
Aaron made a one day trip to our farm from Ocala, Florida. He worked with Carrie and Susan to evaluate the training progress and growth development potential of our 4-7 year old horses. Aaron observed that most horses have significantly improved their jumping skills and their strength over the winter. Aaron and Carrie rode a number of the five year olds to the top of our jump stands. At the end of the day, Aaron helped Susan and Waino develop training plans for some of the horses that have some special training needs.


Dey Goodman joins the training team at Claybrook Farms--4/16/08
Dey will assist Carrie Wilson and Susan in training and conditioning our young jumper and dressage horses. Dey majored in Equestrian Studies/English Riding at the University of Findlay. He served as an intern at the barn of dressage rider, Betsy Steiner. His strong dressage background fits well with our training program for building strength, suppleness and quickness. We assume jumping is in his future too. He is from an agricultural community in upstate New York. We all enjoy Dey’s calm work style with the horses. He is a welcome addition to our team.


Susan & Waino spend two weeks at VDL Stud in Netherlands--4/2 - 4/15/08
Susan and Waino spent almost two weeks as guests of VDL Stud observing their breeding and training methods. Susan spent early mornings and late afternoons with their veterinarian scanning horses and doing AI breeding. Some days their vet scans almost 80 mares. During the middle part of the day, Susan observed and assisted their young horse trainers who were training 30 stallions and 20 mares for the stallion test and Keurings. Waino spent most of this time observing the trainers working with young jumpers and competition horses. He also took lots of videos of the training methods, farrier work and the facilities for mares and young horses.

Susan and Waino are very grateful to VDL Stud for offering the opportunity to learn from their very experienced staff.


Trainer's Assistant Needed At Claybrook Farms 01/07/08
Claybrook Farms is looking to fill the Trainer's Assistant positon. For all persons seriously interested, please email Waino or Susan at the email address above requesting a detailed job description. Please include a copy of your resume along with your salary requirements. This position is located near Ithaca, MI. Please be sure to include your current phone number and address along with a good email address for us to contact you. Thank you.


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