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Aaron Vale visits Claybrook Farms during December (12/16/07)
During the worst weather of the year, Aaron Vale (a leading Gran Prix show jumper) enjoyed our snow and our horses. Aaron and our trainer, Carrie VanCise Wilson, evaluated and challenged some of our four and six year old horses (Wiz, Wolf, Winfield and Upstart). Aaron said, “I worked with Carrie to achieve a five star ride on Wolf.” Carrie and Wolf cleared 4’-9” inches with power to spare. After Aaron and Carrie finished, Aaron observed that these four horses are, at minimum, excellent equitation horses, but have good potential for Gran Prix horses.


Susan and Waino attend USDF annual meeting and meet with Aaron Vale (11-30-07 to 12/02/07)
Susan and Waino attended the US Dressage Federation’s annual meeting in Orlando to hear a series of lectures on horse lameness and nutrition over a two day conference. The lectures addressed horse: conditioning exercises, lameness diagnostics and treatment, shoeing, diagnosis and prevention of ulcers, etc. On Sunday (12/2), Susan and Waino, went to a jumper show in Jacksonville to meet Aaron Vale and see him ride. He did a marvelous job riding 6 and 7 year old horses. In a mini Gran Prix, he placed 1st with the other two horses finishing in the top ten.


Tara Funk and Hayden (Valiant) were very successful in 2007 (11/18/07)
We were very pleased and excited to hear from Tara Funk and her outstanding successes with Valiant (Neptune x Labiola x Nimmerdor), who she has renamed Hayden. Despite owning Hayden since March and missing the first half of the competition year, Tara and Hayden finished the year in 8th in the equitation division and 4th in the 3' medal in the Illinois Hunter Jumper Association. She provided some highlights of some of his best achievements: 4th out of 26 in the children’s medal finals, 1st out of 17 in a children’s equitation, 2nd out of 24 in 3' hunters, 7th out of 57 in 3' hunters. She is moving up to Junior’s in 2008. We hope that she and Hayden have continued great success.


Voyager CBF Scores High on KWPN/USDF 2007 All Breeds Standings—(11/16/07)
Voyager CBF and his rider/trainer Carrie VanCise Wilson achieved national ranking in two categories: 1) Open--First Level and 2) Breeder Series—4 & 5 Year Old Stallion/Gelding Materiale. In the Open First Level—Voyager and Carrie ranked 5th among KWPN horses and 62nd across all breeds with a median score of 68.016%. In the Materiale class, Voyager and Carrie ranked 1st among KWPN horses and 3rd among all breeds, with a median score of 77.3%. Additionally, Voyager and Carrie were invited to the national finals in Lexington, KY for FEI Young Horse Five-Year-Old Competition as they placed second on the reserve list, but we choose not to send them since Voyager had been given a rest from his competition training schedule. This was also during the week of the Keuring at our farm. Voyager and Carrie’s average scores for all events entered this past summer were well above 70%. This was a very good year for them.


Claybrook Farms Goes Youtube (11/15/07)
We are now using to display videos of our sale horses. Over the course of the next two months we will be adding video footage of our sale horses for you to view. Please check us out at

If you have trouble finding us on please email or call us and someone with assist you.


Claybrook Farms offers horses for sale (10/2/07)
We are currently offering 13 horses for sale on our website, many of these are new to our website. Following the Keuring in mid September, we made some difficult decisions on horses that we want to keep for our competition team and breeding stock. These decisions were not easy. We received advice from very knowledgeable and trusted colleagues that urged us to reemphasize our focus on maintaining only the very best horses that are likely to produce offspring that will rank in the top 5 of a KWPN class. We also want to keep young horses that are capable of competing in the top 20 of the jumper, hunter and dressage young horse groups.

We realize that this is a very high standard. We are embarking on a purchasing strategy that will bring 4-6 of the top foals in the Netherlands to our farm every year. These horses will be used to supplement our breeding and training programs, and assure that we are producing and training some of the very best KWPN horses in North America.

Given this decision, we now offer an expanded list of young sale horses for competition and breeding. Some of the young mares can be broodmares, but we believe that most of the mares will also make excellent competition horses. Three horses were each rated by KWPN judges as a top 5 horse for jumping ability. Another horse was rated as the top horse for movement.

We also offer a few of our broodmares that will make exceptional competition or pleasure horses. Like most breeders, we kept the very best horses for our breeding stock. The former broodmares (ages 9 and 12) that we are making available for sale have fertility issues, but were some of the best mares in North America when judged on conformation, jumping and gaits. One of the mares received the highest scores reported since we have been in the horse business.


Important visitors to Claybrook Farms
Melissa Hirt (a Gran Prix jumper rider from Maple City, Michigan) visited our farm twice this summer. She advised us on: training, conditioning, competition and marketing our horses.

Christine McCarthy of Mt Kiscoe, New York, the owner of Idocus (the top KWPN dressage stallion in North America), will be visiting toward the end of October to evaluate our horses, particularly our dressage prospects, and advise us on training, conditioning, competition and marketing.

Brian Shook of Hunterpointe Farm in Holly, Michigan will be visiting in late October or early November. Brian is a Gran Prix rider, who trained under Chris Kappler.

We are in the midst of planning visits by other Gran Prix riders in November and December from the Midwest and Florida.

We would like to schedule some clinics during the winter to help local riders sharpen their jumping skills. Let us know if you are interested. You can e-mail us the email at the top of the page.


Midwest KWPN breeders & owners continue their exceptional quality at Claybrook Farms’ third Keuring (9/23/07)
The Dutch judging team inspected 27 horses presented by breeders and owners traveling from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. Besides the inspection there were competitions for the DG Bar (Dressage) and Iron Spring Cups (Hunter/Jumper). The Keuring produced six horses that ranked among the top five across North America:
• 1st Premium and 2nd Dressage Yearling/Top Five—Bekka CF (Rousseau x Contango) owned by Carousel Farm Sport Horses,
• 2nd place two year old jumper—Amaretto (Numero Uno x Goodtimes) owned by Equine Holdings,
• 5th place dressage mare—Zebalia (Flemmingh x Nimmerdor) owned by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg
• 1st place jumper mare—Zorusa (Indoctro x Corland) owned and bred by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms
• 3rd place DG Bar Cup Three Year Olds—Zonnerhall (Rouseau x Donnerhall) owned by Cynthia Hunting and bred by Lana Sneddon
• 5th place DG Bar Cup Four Year Olds—Winetta (Idocus x Boreas) owned by Michelle Miller & bred by Lana Sneddon
• 1st place Iron Spring Cup Four Year Olds—Wolfgang (Neptune x Indoctro) owned and bred by Waino Pihl & Susan Taylor of Claybrook Farms


Claybrook Farms purchases five foals at Star Sale Foal Auction in Drachten, Netherlands (9/7/07)
CBF will be welcoming in October five top KWPN jumper foals (four fillies and a colt): Classica VDL (Douglas x Quite Easy), Cleobalia (Veron x Nimmerdor), Chiki (Chin Chin x Lupicor), Chiniloma (Landlord x G. Ramiro Z) and Cirocco O.A. (Landlord x Quickstar). These foals were all evaluated as first premium and ranked in the top three of their central Keurings.


USDF recognizes Voyager (Consul x Cor de la Bryere) and Carrie Vancise (9/1/07)
Carrie and Voyager competed in only four shows, but scored very well in all the shows. They were among 20 horses invited to the national finals of 5 year olds, but given that we were busy with Keuring and Voyager had been vacationing for a few weeks we chose not to compete. Voyager and Carrie qualified for three other awards: 3rd place in Materiale 4 & 5 year olds across all breeds, 1st place for Materiale in KWPN 4 & 5 year olds, 5th place in All Breed Open for 1st level.

Voyager & Carrie Vancise lead 5 year old and 1st level classes this summer (6/07 and 7/07)
In 11 of 19 events entered this summer at four different shows, Carrie and Voyager scored over 70%. In most events Voyager was either number one or two. The Chronicle of the Horse summarized the success of Voyage and Carrie at two shows—Waterloo and Horse Show By the Bay.

The Chronicle of the Horse, August 10, 2007. Dressage At Waterloo, July 20-22 in Grass Lake, Mich. “Carrie Van Cise rode Claybrook Farms rangy 17.2 hands, Dutch, homebred stallion Voyager to a 77.60 percent in the 4- and 5-year old stallions and geldings materiale class. Voyager’s entrance was certainly eye catching, sweeping serpentines and stunning mediums as well as solid downward transitions made him easy to watch…. Voyager and Van Cise also won open first level, test 2 (71.38%) and were second in the FEI 5-Year Old test (70.40%).”

The Chronicle of the Horse, August 24, 2007. Dressage By The Bay I & II, Aug. 2-5 in Traverse City, Mich. …the stallion Voyager won a class of first level, test 2 (68.88%), first level test 3 (67.14%), first level, test 4 (67.10%). Voyager also topped the FEI 5-Year-Old test (72.00%), and won all three materiale 4- and 5-year-old stallions and geldings classes. Voyager is maturing; he’s beginning to carry himself a lot better, said Van Cise. He’s also getting more elasticity and cadence in his gaits. [One of the judges for] his young horse test said that she appreciated his three good gaits and his willingness to collect.”


Lotte (Goodwill x Nimmerdor) and Carrie Vancise dominated the 4th Level events at Waterloo and Horse Show by the Bay (6/07 and 7/07)
Lotte and Carrie placed 1st in all level 3 classes at Waterloo. Lotte was the Champion of level 5 at Horse Show by the Bay. This continues their winning ways at levels 3-5 from prior years. Lotte is a real competitor and wants to win every time.


Our four-year-old geldings (Wolfgang & Winfield) score well at Waterloo and Horse Show by the Bay (6/07 and 7/07)
Given this is the first year competing for these horses we are very proud of their performance and look forward to their future success at higher levels. Wolfgang competed in two shows in the Baby Green and Special Hunter classes and frequently scored in 6th or 8th place in classes of 18 to 30 horses. Similarly, Winfield placed as high as 6th in a class of 28 horses in a Special Hunter class. We moved Winfield on to Level 1 show jumping, where he proved able to jump clear rounds, but needs more seasoning.


New Babies to the Farm (Spring 2007)
Please see the photos to the right of our new foals this spring. Aren't they adorable? Four new foals, girls: Caloni, Carmel (the place), Caursa and of course our new little boy Chicago. They sure are lively and doing well. They have grown quite a bit in a short time. And of the four we have a ham. Carusa loves the camera. She rarely looks away when we're taking pictures.


Welcome to Claybrook Farms, Breeder and Seller of Dutch Warmblood Horses
We are happy to have you at our website. If you are interested in purchasing a Warmblood KWPN registered horse please view our Sales Barn. We also have more detail on our breeding information and importing from the Netherlands on our About Us page. Our horses are trained in Hunter, Jumper and Dressage at various levels of competition. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Claybrook Farms is welcome to serious buyers viewing our horses in person and would be happy to set up a time. We have an indoor arena that we train in, in the winter, that works well for buyers to view their possible purchase.


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